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20 Strips Per Bag Wangshi New Manpulike For Bee Varroa Mite
  • 20 Strips Per Bag Wangshi New Manpulike For Bee Varroa Mite

20 Strips Per Bag Wangshi New Manpulike For Bee Varroa Mite

Place of Origin China
Brand Name Wangshi
Model Number 28W-10
Product Details
Curing Varroa Mites Of Bees
Per Bag:
20 Strips
Per Carton:
400 Bags
28kgs Per Carton
Main Components:
New Wang's
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20 Strips Wangshi New Manpulike


Wangshi New Manpulike For Bee


20 Strips Varroa Mite Strip

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4-7 working day
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L/C, T/T, Western Union
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Product Description

20 strips per bag Wangshi NEW MANPULIKE for Bee Varroa Mite


[SPECIFICATION]: 20 strips/ bag

20 Strips Per Bag Wangshi New Manpulike For Bee Varroa Mite 0

4 Advantages of New Manpulike

1. Better Stability

2. Safety Guarantee

3. High Efficacy

4. No Residual

20 Strips Per Bag Wangshi New Manpulike For Bee Varroa Mite 1

20 Strips Per Bag Wangshi New Manpulike For Bee Varroa Mite 2


This plastic strip is the Carrier, loaded with light yellow coating whose surface is of granular powder.

EXPIRY: 2 years.



It has been ratified by many countries and is the exclusive medicine for the prevention and control of varroas.



The main ingredient of the product is Flumethrin manufactured by Bayer chemical corporation of Germany, and also mixed with other miticides with advanced and scientific compatibility of medicine. It can function on various developmental stages of the varroa mites on egg, larva and imago. The product has high efficiency, quick killing result and long duration, especially on the resistance mites. There is no harm for the bees and beekeepers



1.Trial is required. Choose 2 or 3 colonies for trial before applying to the whole yard. Observe for 48 hours, then making a plan for the situation.

2. Dosage: One piece for 4-comb hive, hang in the main bee path, keep it off the hives. Two pieces for 5-8 comb hive, hang one piece between the third and the fourth comb, the other piece between the sixth and the seventh in a diagonal line. More or less for 10 combs.

3.Medicine Applying Time: Any time in a year. The best time is before spring reproduction and after autumn honey harvest.The effect is most obvious in no larvae period. If in the larvae exiting period, prolong the time to 6-8 weeks for most of the female varroas are the honeycomb.

4.Determine the medicine applying time according to the yard situation.



1. Don't neglect to choose 2-3 colonies for trial before applying the medicine.

2. Be more careful during the operation time. Analyze abnormal cases in time and regulate the time and dosage.

3. Don't apply the medicine on the bees in a situation of a low temperature and honey-deficiency

4. Don’t apply the medicine when just settle down or transfer beehives.

5. Hang the medicine in a fine morning for convenient observation and regulation.

6. Don't use the medicine during honey flow period.

7. Don't dispose waste medicine in mulberry fields and ponds.

8. Keep children off the medicine.






1. Do You Offer OEM/ODM Service?

Yes, we have a rich experience in offering OEM/ODM service in some of our products. Design service offered. Buyer label offered.


2. What is your MOQ? Can we get a small order for the first time?

Low MOQ. Free sample available.


3. How About the Shipping Cost?

Small order is sent by air like FEDEX or DHL.

Big order is sent by sea.


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